Cassie Sommer: Coach

Cassie is a single mother of a son.  She currently works as a special education paraprofessional helping children with autism.  She enjoys teaching, and has personally experienced setbacks regarding her fitness and health.  Accordingly, she wants to use her experiences to help others achieve their fitness goals.  One of her favorite sayings is:  "You cannot go far alone.  You enjoy your journey better if you have people by your side.

Certifications:  AFAA (Group Fitness)
                        AFAA (Midlife Fitness for                                Women)
                        Pound Pro 
                        Working toward Mat Pilates                              certification

Teresa Udovich:  Owner and Coach

​    Teresa is a single mother of two children and lives in the Mokena area.  She was originally certified as a personal trainer in 2000 through ACE  and unfortunately let her certification expire when she relocated. In 2003, Teresa participated in a natural bodybuilding competition and placed 3rd in her group.  After having her children and gaining weight, she returned to the gym and realized how much she missed helping others with their own fitness goals.  Now Teresa is fulfilling her dream of owning her own fitness gym.  Wonder what will be next?

​Certifications:  NASM 

​                        IKFF (Kettlebell)

​                        ASFA (Group Fitness)

                        Pound Pro

​                        Transform Live!


                        Turbo Kick

​                        Core De Force

​                        P90X

​                          Weight Loss                                                Specialist

​                        TRX

                        4DPro Bungee                                        Fitness

                        Reiki  1-3