Olga Isela Perez Peña :  Coach

​The practice of yoga brought balance to her life.

Olga is  CYT In hatha, vinyasa and kundalini yoga. Not only does she coach yoga, she is a Reiki practitioner and health coach. Every single certification she has is to be chained with the other.
Olga believes very single answer we are looking for is inside of our heart and only our breath can take us back to the other level.

Every single day I am still working in myself. I know now is time to share to the world what is helping me along my journey.

Teresa Udovich:  Owner and Coach

​    Teresa is a single mother of two children and lives in the Mokena area.  She was originally certified as a personal trainer in 2000 through ACE  and unfortunately let her certification expire when she relocated. In 2003, Teresa participated in a natural bodybuilding competition and placed 3rd in her division.  After having her children and gaining weight, she returned to the gym and realized how much she missed helping others with their own fitness goals. 

​Certifications:  NASM 

​                        IKFF (Kettlebell)

​                        ASFA Group Fitness

​                             Sports Nutrition 

​                        Assisted Stretching

                        Pound Pro

​                        Transform Live!


                        Turbo Kick

​                        Core De Force

​                        P90X

​                          Weight Loss                                                Specialist

​                        TRX

                        4DPro Bungee                                        Fitness

                        Reiki  1-3

​                        Zumba


I am a single mother that started a weight loss journey back in 2018.  This journey has lead me to learn how to ballroom dance.  This is where; I met the owner of Three Wolves Fitness, Teresa.  I joined the gym back in 2020 to continue my weight loss and healthier way of life.  As of Today I have met my goal of losing 100 pounds and continue to work on other goals.  In 2021, Teresa asked me if I would get certified as an instructor.  I am certified, ASFA Group Fitness & Bootcamp Instructor.  I enjoy working out with my classes and helping them obtain the results they want to become healthier in their journey. 

Kris Reid:  Coach

Carli Udovich:  Staff

Carli is the daughter of owner Teresa.  She is a graduate from Lincoln Way Central and attending Augustana College playing volleyball and water polo while studying to be a physical therapist.   Carli does all of our videography and pictures for the gym when on the side.

Kiera Hannigan:  Coach 

Kiera is a ceritified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and holistic health/nutrition coach.  She is passionate about helping women ditch diet culture to unlock the healthiest and strongest version of themselves.  Living a health-focused lifestyle doesn't need to feel restrictive, and it's my goal to help others discover that - mind, body, and soul.

Certificiation:  Personal Trainer

                       Group Fitness

                       Holistic Health Coach

​                       Nutrition Coach

Coaches And Staff

Lauren Hosman:  Coach

Coach Lo has been certified five years through ACE as a personal trainer.

Lauren began her fitness journey, over ten years ago, with a personal weight loss of 20 pounds.  She was proud, inspired, and motivated leading her down the path as a fitness professional.  She found her passion in life and wants to spread her fitness knowledge and expertise.  You can always expect a great workout, fun music, and amazing energy to push you in classes!

"I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body and continues with consistency and balance." - Coach Lo

Certifictions:  ACE Personal Trainer

​                      CPR/First Aid/AED

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