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The Fall Back to Basics Challenge

The Fall Back to Basics Challenge is going to be a completely different challenge that will have fun individual challenges and mini challenges.  This 6-week accountability challenge will be focusing on the specific areas that are needed to lead a healthy lifestyle; Nutrition, Psychological/Mind set, Cardio, Strength, Flexibility/Mobility, and Self-care/Nurturing.  This is not intended to be a Transformation Challenge but a learning how to lead a healthier lifestyle challenge.  Leading a healthy lifestyle will automatically cause a transformation.

Each week there will be various individual challenges and mini challenges based upon one of the six mentioned areas above.  Challengers will earn the opportunity for tickets for a weekly raffle drawing for prizes.

Each Sunday there will be a post on the Facebook Challenge Page detailing what the area of focus will be for the week and how you will be able to earn tickets for the prize drawings.  The Challenge Page will be the only place this will be posted and only those entered in the challenge will be able to participate.  Prizes will be drawn each Monday live on the challenge page. 

Start Date: September 26, 2022
$30.00 entry fee 
Before and after Pictures
Picture of scale before and after
Attend class at least 3 times a week
Friday weekly check in and goal set with Coach Teresa

$75.00 entry fee
Everything listed above PLUS
30-minute Nutrition Consultation with Coach Teresa
     Body Scan before and after

     Nutrition counseling
     Design of a meal plan based upon foods of personal choice.